In this 3 minute video we’ll show you how easy it is to create contacts in Knudge, how to import contacts via a .csv file, and how to group your contacts into households if you engage with your clients at the household level.

We’ll also explain how your contacts start out in an “email only” status.  This means your clients would receive communications from Knudge via email if you were to create nudges for them, but they have not yet been invited to register for Knudge. We start contacts out in “email only” for two reasons. First, we want you to decide which clients are invited to register. You know if a client has a special aversion to technology or to logging in to new tools and if you think it would be best to not even mention it, then they can just stay in this email only status indefinitely.  Second, we think it’s best to create some nudges for your clients prior to inviting them to register. That way when they register they’ll see some nudges that they’re presumably already familiar with and it will make more sense why you’re using Knudge to manage their action items.

Notes and best practices:

  • Use a .csv file to import your contacts if you’re not using one of the CRMs which Knudge currently integrates with.
  • Create some nudges for your clients prior to inviting them to register.
  • If you have contacts that decide not to register, invite them to receive text notifications after entering their mobile phone number.