Using households allows you to create 1 nudge and send it to multiple people in the household at once. It also creates transparency and shared accountability between members of a household. Some households may even have friendly competitions on who completes the most tasks! When a nudge or notification is addressed to a household, all members of the household have access and will receive communications regarding that notification.

  • Click on Contacts, then select Households
  • On this screen you’ll see households that have already been created.
  • To create a new household, click on the New Household button.
  • Name the household
  • Search for a contact to add by typing their name. Select contacts to the household.
  • You can designate one member as the default assignee when nudges are addressed to this household by clicking on the individual. The assignee can be changed when creating a nudge for that household, and you can still send a nudge to an individual in the household if needed.
  • Then click save

To add or remove contacts from an existing household, click on the household and either search to add or click on the remove button next to the contact. When sending a nudge to a household, you may go to the household and start a new nudge. Change the default assignee if you like. Then enter the nudge details (or use the template library) and hit submit.

Or you may search for the household anytime you are creating a new nudge. Search for household. All members of household will receive the nudge. If you are not the assignee, there will be a note in the reminder indicating who is the assignee.

And once someone marks the nudge complete, everyone in the household will see who completed the task!