Best Practices:

In this video, Shaun explains best practices to onboard clients. Besides being a co-founder of Knudge, Shaun also founded Single Point Partners, an RIA in Boston. Shaun shares how his firm has onboarded clients and shares some helpful tips:

  1. Add clients one at a time as you meet with them or as the need arises
  2. Start with just a few nudges for each client
  3. Don’t worry about getting all tasks accounted for right away

Here’s some instructions you can share with your clients.

Here’s some language that you can send to your clients as you roll it out.

We’ve started to use a new tool called Knudge to help us manage our clients’ action items.

Knudge will help us make sure nothing falls through the cracks with your planning and will send timely reminders leading up to the due dates for specific action items. We’ll send you an invitation to register soon.

You don’t need to register or log in to receive reminders.

  • Knudge will send the reminders via email and/or text message and you can engage with the individual action items as if you were logged in. You can view the details, mark it complete, specify another time to be reminded or silence additional reminders if you’d like.
  • If you have any questions about a specific task, you can simply reply to the email or use the in app messaging to respond. The nice thing about Knudge is all communications about an action item will stay associated with that action item in the messages tab so you don’t have to dig through old emails to see any back and forth we have about a task.

If you decide to register you’ll also be able to:

  • View your ongoing shared to-do-list.
  • Set preferences for when and how you’d like to receive communications. (Click on Notifications in the menu/under your name to set your preferences)
  • Access to a calendar view that shows when different tasks are due.
  • And see a record of all previously completed tasks.