Knudge comes with a library of templates that can be used as is or cloned and modified to meet your particular needs. Think of these as inspirational starting points for things that you may want to remind your clients to take action on throughout the year.Create your own custom templates or take any nudge you previously authored and turn it into a template.

First, click on Templates. You will see the pre-loaded Knudge templates in your library. If your organization’s members already created templates you’ll also see them here. You may also search by the author and by category. Review the details and then click Use template if you want to send the nudge. You may set the nudge as is. Or you may customize it before you submit.

Now if you wanted to create a new template, go back to the Templates screen and click New template and select a category. Or, don’t see a category you like, create a new category on the fly if you like. Start typing the description of the nudge, or copy/paste from an email you used to send to your clients. You may also create a new template by converting a nudge you already sent. Go to the nudge, then actions and click Create a template. Edit the fields and click save. Now you and other members in your organization will be able to use the new template.

If you are an Admin, you may go to Nudge Categories to see and manage a list of nudge categories. Add a category by clicking on the button. Hide a category so others won’t see it in their template library. You may also delete a category. Now when you go back to the template library you won’t see what I’ve just hidden or deleted.

Knudge will continue to expand the template library, based on best practice research and your ideas, so drop us an email at