See how easy it is to set up the integration with Wealthbox to easily import contacts into Knudge. Will show how contacts stay linked and how Knudge pushes back notes to contact records when new nudges are posted or marked complete.

Notes and best practices:

  • Each user at your firm will want to set up the integration.  The integration is established at the user level to respect user specific access rights within Wealthbox.
  • You’ll want to leave the integration authorized. This allows us to be able to send the notes back to Wealthbox about activity in Knudge.
  • Imported contacts will stay linked to their contact record in Wealthbox, but there’s not a regular polling for updates to a contacts metadata. If you’d like to update the metadata for a contact you can click sync to grab the latest from Wealthbox.
  • Don’t worry about importing too many contacts while in the Baker’s Dozen. We recognize that advisors use their CRM for all different types of contacts so we allow you to be specific about which contacts you import into Knudge.
  • For reference: The Knudge import only grabs first name, last name, email address (with a preference for primary email), phone (with a preference for mobile), birthdate, marital status, and contact tags.
  • Regarding tags: Knudge will import a contact’s tags and will sync with any changes you make to tags originally imported from Wealthbox.  Any changes you make to tags in Knudge (new tags added or edited) will not be affected by a sync with Wealthbox.