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Knudge: Powering Financial Advisors to increase their clients taking action



Why do financial advisors use Knudge? Advisors use Knudge to create shared to-do lists with clients. Once set, Knudge automatically follows up with clients on open items. Knudge alleviates the administrated burden for advisors while increasing the number of items completed by clients.

Think about how much of your day is spent following up with clients to see if items were completed. Most of our clients report 25% of their time is spent on follow up items. Knudge sends reminders to clients at optimal times to increase the likelihood of an action being done.

Benefits of Knudge

Never let anything fall through the cracks: Knudge provides a shared to-do-list that also sends timely reminders via email, push notification and/or text notification.

Empower your clients to be held accountable the way they want:  Clients can set preferences for when and how they’d like to receive communications.

Omni-channel communication: In-app messaging integrates with email and text for rapid communication and all messaging stays attached to the associated action item.

Client Prioritization: The advisor dashboard aggregates action items across your client base and highlights items that require attention.

Behavioral Insights: Deploy smart nudge templates based behavioral insights.

What do customers say about Knudge?

“I’ve been using Knudge for a few months now. It’s (hands down) the best tool of 23 vendors I’m subscribed to, to serve clients. Before starting, I hoped that Knudge would help clients stay on top of their personal finance to-do’s, taking time off my plate and allowing me to offer a higher touch service than my peers.I’ve realized, now, that it’s so much more than that. I use the tool live on zoom calls to assign items on the call, allowing the client to pick when nudges will post / are due. During onboarding, Clients select (themselves) if they want to be notified by email or text, or both.

Clients get to see their completed items over time, which helps “show value” without explicitly mentioning it in conversation. It’s awesome!”

-Dan Rooker, Rook Financial

Pricing information

Knudge offers two versions of the tool:

Bakers Dozen: A free version for advisors who want to try Knudge out. Customers get full functionality and can load up to 13 contacts. Once you build Knudge into your process you will want to add in all of your clients

Professional: Knudge is $99 per month for the first user and then $49 per month for others at a firm.

Ready to try out Knudge?

Ready to try out Knudge? You can sign up for free below or drop in for our office hours to learn more about the tool and see a demo: