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Welcome to the Knudge Help Center

Learn the basics and best practices for getting up and running with Knudge.  If you’re just getting started and you’d like some help getting set up, we’re happy to meet with you to share a quick demo and help you get set up. If you’re up and running and looking for some tips and tricks or interested in learning some best practices, please feel free to join our office hours hosted every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00PM ET.

Multi-select for bulk actions: Find even more efficiency by doing things in bulk

In this video we’ll show you how to use multi-select to perform bulk actions.

  • Use filters and tags to get to the correct record set. Select all on a page or the entire record set.
  • Select multiple nudges to mark complete or archive.
  • Select multiple contacts to add or remove tags, assign or remove lead advisors/contact owners, and most importantly to assign nudges to groups of contacts or households.
  • Use in conjunction with recurring nudges to streamline your process even further.

Additional bulk actions coming soon:

  • Importing contacts
  • Syncing contacts
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Knudge overview: How to help your clients take action

Dr. Moira Somers, financial psychologist, and international best-selling author of Advice That Sticks discusses what it takes to help people take action on the advice and recommendations of their advisors.

See a quick demo of how Knudge can help you manage your clients action items and help them get more done

Knudge Co-founder, and financial advisor, Shaun Erickson shares how they rolled out Knudge at his firm, Single Point Partners.

Learn what your clients are really looking for – getting to a state of action.

Contacts overview: Create contacts, import via csv, group into households and more

In this 3 minute video we’ll show you how easy it is to create contacts in Knudge, how to import contacts via a .csv file, and how to group your contacts into households if you engage with your clients at the household level.

We’ll also explain how your contacts start out in an “email only” status.  This means your clients would receive communications from Knudge via email if you were to create nudges for them, but they have not yet been invited to register for Knudge. We start contacts out in “email only” for two reasons. First, we want you to decide which clients are invited to register. You know if a client has a special aversion to technology or to logging in […]

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Nudges overview: Create nudges and learn how reminders get scheduled

In this video we’ll walk through what goes into a nudge, talk about the two different types of nudges and talk about the controls you have over when nudges are posted and when reminders can be sent.

Parts of a nudge

To: Nudges can be assigned to individual clients, households (groups of clients), other professionals, teammates or to yourself.. When a nudge is sent to a household, all members of that household will see the nudge on their action list, receive notifications, and be able to message or take action on the nudge.

From: This will default to you (the current logged in user) but you can also create nudges on behalf of a colleague. If they’re a registered team member, you can type their name here to send the nudge from them instead.

Category: Knudge is prefilled with eleven […]

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Associate nudges assigned internally (or to other professionals) with clients or households

For a long time, we’ve been able to assign nudges to our teammates, to ourselves, or to other professionals that we work alongside to service our clients. Now, if you assign action items internally or to these other professionals, you’ll also be able to associate those nudges with the client or a household and, optionally, give them insight into those having been assigned. In this video I’ll show you how it works.

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Knudge referral program

Recommend Knudge to advisors or other service oriented professionals that you think may need help managing their clients’ action items.

First create a contact in Knudge for the individual you’d like to invite so we can track the referral. You can invite them off platform with a personal email or phone call or send them a nudge, the important thing is thet they’re already entered as a contact at your organization prior to signing up.

They can sign up for a paid plan right away or start with the Baker’s Dozen free tier to try Knudge out at their organization. Either way, when they upgrade to a paid subscription, we’ll credit $100 to your account and $100 to theirs.


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