Go Beyond Financial Planning

Go beyond the planning and make sure all the doing gets done.

Knudge serves as a shared to-do-list that provides insight into what has been done and sends automated nudges/reminders for things that are still outstanding.

More services & touch points with minimal effort. Pre-load nudges to be sent throughout the calendar year.

Attract new clients with cutting edge technology. 63% of millennials expect to be able to engage with their advisors via mobile apps.* In-app-messaging opens up SEC compliant text messaging without having to add a separate phone number or other cumbersome solutions.

Streamline on boarding process. Input follow up action items into the Knudge system and know when things are completed.

Increase client retention Become the indispensable keeper of knowledge on all the things that your clients should be dealing with throughout the year.

Increase revenue. Reduce time spent per client and offer more services at the same time.

How it Works

Help your clients follow through on their tasks to reach their financial goals.

How often do you find yourself sending multiple follow up emails about a specific task?

How often are you unsure if your client has completed a task?

How often does a client meeting start with something along the lines of “were you able to complete X,Y & Z from the last meeting?” only to hear that they forgot or just didn’t get around to it?

Knudge is built for financial planners by financial planners.  We looked for a solution that met our needs and when there were no options available, we decided to partner with a team of seasoned product designers and engineers and build the solution ourselves.

Why Now?

As the landscape for financial advice gets more competitive, clients are demanding deeper services from their planners. By automating your follow up process it opens up your bandwidth to touch on more areas of your clients’ lives and build deeper relationships.

We believe a simple technology solution will empower firms to communicate in the modern era and become true accountability partners for their clients.

Below is some of the latest research on the subject. Please reach out and drop us a note if you’re interested in learning more. We love talking about this stuff.

2019: The Year of the Resurgence of the Financial Advisor, With Technology’s Help

Excerpt from WealthManagement.com’s article on this year’s trends in the financial services industry.

Expect to see client-advisor relationships change for the better as advisors embrace the basics and continue digitizing manual processes this year.

With technology, financial professionals can increase the frequency and quality of client touchpoints, stripping out the manual inefficiencies and becoming […]

The Tipping Point: Will the coming wave of wealth value advice?

Excerpt from Fidelity Investment’s report on the coming wave of wealth value advice.

Many investors today are seeking different types of relationships with their financial advisors. No group epitomizes this more than Generations X and Y, the “coming wave of wealth,” who generally seek advice relationships that go beyond investment management. They seek […]

  • Law 5

The Millennial Investor Becomes a Force

Excerpt from “Millennials & Money” part of Accenture’s New Face of Wealth Management Series

Wealth managers are next up to feel the Millennial headwind. Born 1982 through 1995, this group is entering the investment scene in earnest. The good news is: This scenario brings opportunity for investment firms who can master the hybrid […]

Learn more about how Knudge can help you meet the changing needs of the next generation of wealth.

We can do the best financial planning in the world, but if we can’t get our clients to take action on that planning, then what’s it all worth?  The best thing we can do for our clients is empower them to do more for themselves.