We can do the best planning in the world, but if we can’t get our clients to take action, then what’s it all worth?

Assign action items for your clients & let Knudge provide a shared to-do-list and send timely reminders to keep everyone on the same page.

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Help your clients follow through on their tasks to reach their financial goals.

How often do you find yourself sending multiple follow up emails about a specific task?

How often are you unsure if your client has completed a task?

Do you know where your clients stand on their action items prior to your next meeting?

With Knudge, you can remove the stress from your client meetings.  Save your clients from having to share a status update. Instead of starting your meetings by asking did you complete X,Y or Z? You can instead say, I see you got X and Y completed but haven’t yet actioned Z. Is Z still important or should we re-prioritize?

Go beyond the planning and make sure all the doing gets done.

Help your clients take action on the details of their financial life that typically get ignored, kicked down the road, or fall through the cracks and free up your time to focus on the highest value-add activities.

Never let anything fall through the cracks: Knudge provides a shared to-do-list that also sends timely reminders via email, push notification and/or text notification.

Empower your clients to be held accountable the way they want:  Clients can set preferences for when and how they’d like to receive communications.

Omni-channel communication: In-app messaging integrates with email and text for rapid communication and all messaging stays attached to the associated action item.

Client Prioritization: The advisor dashboard aggregates action items across your client base and highlights items that require attention.

Behavioral Insights: Deploy smart nudge templates based behavioral insights.

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Why Now?

As the landscape for financial advice gets more competitive, clients are demanding deeper services from their planners. By automating your follow up process it opens up your bandwidth to touch on more areas of your clients’ lives and build deeper relationships.

We believe a simple technology solution will empower firms to communicate in the modern era and become true accountability partners for their clients.

Below is some of the latest research on the subject. Please reach out and drop us a note if you’re interested in learning more. We love talking about this stuff.

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  • Just a quick reminder

How often are reminders sent?

Knudge has an advanced reminder algorithm that determines the optimal time to send reminders to clients. Advisors don’t need to worry about scheduling the reminders when they create action items for their clients, but it’s good to know how it all works.

If time allows, Knudge sends three reminders leading up to the due date.

If there is a long span of […]