Helping busy people take action. Communication tech for financial planners that is specifically focused on managing your client’s to-do list. Get started with a 30 day free trial

Go beyond the planning and make sure all the doing gets done.

Better communication means a better experience and better outcomes for you and your clients.

Real-time insight into the status of client action items with a shared to-list

Save time with automated messaging across email, text, and push notifications.

Prioritize your day with an advisor dashboard that aggregates action items across your client-base and highlights clients’ items that require attention

Accelerate action by deploying smart nudge templates and the behavioral insights

Support compliance and reinforce the value you deliver by generating a comprehensive activity record

Attract new clients with cutting edge technology Sixty-three percent of millennials expect to be able to engage with their advisors via mobile apps.* In-app-messaging opens up SEC compliant text messaging without having to add a separate phone number or other cumbersome solutions.

Increase client retention Be your client’s catalyst for action on all the things they should be dealing with throughout the year

How it Works

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Help your clients follow through on their tasks to reach their financial goals.

How often do you find yourself sending multiple follow up emails about a specific task?

How often are you unsure if your client has completed a task?

How often does a client meeting start with something along the lines of “were you able to complete X,Y & Z from the last meeting?” only to hear that they forgot or just didn’t get around to it?

Knudge is built for financial planners by financial planners.  We looked for a solution that met our needs and when there were no options available, we decided to partner with a team of seasoned product designers and engineers and build the solution ourselves.

Why Now?

As the landscape for financial advice gets more competitive, clients are demanding deeper services from their planners. By automating your follow up process it opens up your bandwidth to touch on more areas of your clients’ lives and build deeper relationships.

We believe a simple technology solution will empower firms to communicate in the modern era and become true accountability partners for their clients.

Below is some of the latest research on the subject. Please reach out and drop us a note if you’re interested in learning more. We love talking about this stuff.

Knudge partners with Wealthbox to help advisors manage their clients’ action items

Go beyond the planning and make sure all the doing gets done

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Wealthbox.  If you’re not already familiar, Wealthbox is a modern CRM for financial advisors known for its powerful yet simple user-experience for independent advisory firms of all sizes.

With this integration Wealthbox advisors can easily import their contacts into Knudge […]

Introducing See Lee

As we continue to work to get Knudge to market, we’re also working to ensure we deliver best in class customer support. I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to one of our newest team members, See Lee who will be leading our customer success efforts.

See is an accomplished Product Leader with experience at TripAdvisor […]

Product Update January 2020

We’re making great progress on the product and on building out our team.  Our plan is for a public release this spring.

What’s new with product development? The short answer is, a lot. Three specific milestones that we’re excited about:

  • You are now able to create and send recurring nudges. Nudges can be scheduled to automatically recur weekly, monthly, quarterly or […]

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What’s the price? Is it the same for advisors and support staff?2020-10-20T14:06:14+00:00

The price is $99 per user per month.  A user is any member of your firm that uses Knudge. The Knudge app is free for your contacts/clients.  Over time, depending on how the app is being used by our customers, we may decide to offer alternative pricing options. For now, our goal is to make pricing straightforward. 

Sign up for Knudge now and receive a 30 day free trial to start your subscription.

If  you’re a member of a large firm and interested in using Knudge, please reach out to dave@knudge.com for more information.

How long is the trial period? Does every user get a free trial period?2020-10-20T14:02:36+00:00

We’re currently offering a 30 day trial period. The trial period starts from the day any member of your firm creates a Knudge account.  The firm can cancel at any point during the first 30 days, free of charge. We will remind you before the trial period ends.  

We encourage you to invite your colleagues as soon as your firm initiates the trial so that the firm can learn as much as possible during the first 30 days.

How does billing work?2020-10-20T14:04:40+00:00

Fees are charged monthly, starting 30 days from the date that your firm started using Knudge.  On the 30th day, you will be billed in advance for the next month for the appropriate number of seats. If you add users after the trial period, the cost will be prorated to the day their user account was created and added to the next months billing.  If you cancel mid month you will be refunded the remainder of the amount paid.

How does Knudge ensure that customer data/privacy is protected?2019-12-06T02:37:29+00:00

Knudge is co-founded by a financial advisor, so we understand the need to protect client confidentiality.  Knudge follows best practices of application development. 

We use modern technologies and consistently update our application framework for newly discovered security vulnerabilities. Our development process includes continuous vulnerability scanning to ensure our firm is maintaining this high level of security in our codebase. Additionally, a comprehensive test suite is regularly run after every software change to validate that privacy constraints and access restrictions continue to function properly. 

Knudge’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Google’s secure data centers and utilize the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technology. Google continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards.

For more detail see:

Knudge Privacy Policy

Knudge Security Assessments & Compliance

Technology that I use needs to be approved by my Broker-Dealer, are you approved?2019-12-06T02:44:30+00:00

We are working on getting approved by many broker-dealers.  Email us at info@knudge.com, and we’ll let you know if yours is one of them.  If not, we are happy to connect with the appropriate person.

Is Knudge available for use in other industries?2019-12-06T02:58:11+00:00

Knudge was founded by financial advisors for financial advisors.  We are developing Knudge because we had an acute need for a better way to keep our clients on track and learned that many others in our industry have the same need.  

That being said, we’re designing and building Knudge to be adaptable to other industries as well.  We’ve heard from Accountants, Estate Planning Attorneys, Realtors, and many others who have expressed interest. Please contact us at info@knudge.com to learn more about how Knudge could be used in your industry.

What CRM and other software integrations are available?2020-10-20T18:30:55+00:00
This is one of our most frequent questions and we understand the importance of Knudge being able to fit in with your other technologies.


We’re excited to announce that our Wealthbox integration is now available to all firms.


We’re also working on an integration with Redtail and expect to roll that out soon. If you have any thoughts on other integrations, we’d love to hear from you.  We’ll be listening to our users to help us prioritize which integrations to focus on next and what level of integration would be most helpful.

Product Related

Do my clients have to install the app?2019-12-06T03:09:44+00:00

No, you can use Knudge to manage all of your clients in the same way regardless of whether or not they register or install the Knudge app.  Clients that use the app will have access to a shared to-do-list, a calendar view, a record of all messages related to a task, and the ability to set their own preferences for when and how they wish to receive communications.  If a client elects to not log in or install the Knudge app, notifications and messages will simply be delivered via email. Clients will still be able to mark nudges complete.

Can my clients set up nudges for themselves?2019-12-06T03:10:44+00:00

No. Our technology is designed to allow this functionality in the future, but for now we’re focused on advisors nudging clients.

Can users within a household see each others’ nudges or to-do-list?2019-12-06T03:11:33+00:00

When a nudge or notification is addressed to a household, all members of the household have access and will receive communications regarding that notification.  You can, however, still send a nudge to an individual even if they are a member of a household.

When a client asks a question through the Knudge app, is it associated with a specific action?2019-12-06T03:16:29+00:00

Yes, clients can reply via email or in app messaging and all communications are tied to a specific nudge or notification and stored indefinitely.

What happens when a client misses a deadline for an action item?2019-12-06T03:17:52+00:00

The Knudge app sends nudges.  When a deadline lapses the nudge persists in the client’s to-do list and is flagged in the advisors dashboard.  We think of nudges as gentle reminders intended to encourage positive behavior. We also think there’s a fine line between nudging and nagging.  We’ll be learning as we go and look forward to suggestions for other possible workflows for missed deadlines.

How do templates work?2019-12-06T03:20:01+00:00

Knudge comes with a library of templates preinstalled for your convenience.  These templates can be cloned and modified as needed. You can also create new templates and decide whether or not to share with other members of your firm.

Can we set recurring nudges/reminders?2020-03-30T20:29:19+00:00

Yes, any nudge/reminder whether created as a custom nudge or from a template can be set to be recurring either weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Can I send the same nudge to many of my clients?2019-12-06T03:21:52+00:00

Yes, you can sort or filter your list of contacts or households, select multiple and create one nudge or reminder that will be sent to each individually.

How do I see what’s happening with my clients?2019-12-06T03:22:26+00:00

This is one of the biggest advantages of the Knudge app.  You can see, across all of your contacts, the most relevant action items and know at a glance which clients or contacts need extra attention at any given time.  You can also drill down into individual households or contacts to see their full to-do-list and latest activity.

Learn more about how Knudge can help you meet the changing needs of the next generation of wealth.

We can do the best financial planning in the world, but if we can’t get our clients to take action on that planning, then what’s it all worth?  The best thing we can do for our clients is empower them to do more for themselves.

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