We believe in the positive impact of nudges

We believe financial advisors already spend a lot of time nudging clients to follow through on their action items (often ineffectively), and that a concierge based task management system can help advisors become true accountability partners.

We built Knudge because we needed a better process for helping our clients take action. We were already spending a lot of time and energy nudging our clients to follow through on their action items – only often ineffectively.

Countless hours were spent digging through old emails to try to figure out what was actioned and what was still outstanding, we were leaving reminders for ourselves to follow up and remind our clients, and we were even losing sleep at night worrying that maybe they were letting something important fall through the cracks.

And we knew we weren’t alone. We spoke with other financial planners, financial coaches, accountants, attorneys, etc. and across the board, service oriented professionals were spending a lot of time following up with their clients only to have mixed results and lots of frustration.

There had to be a better way. Now, Knudge helps us stay organized and and simultaneously has increased the completion rate of actionable requests.

  • Knudge allows advisors to have an easy and repeatable process for assigning action items to our clients.
  • It sends timely reminders about those action items via multiple communication channels and according to our clients’ preferences.
  • It gives our clients an easy way to communicate back if they have any questions or just to let us know when something is done.
  • And importantly, it provides a place where we can check in and see across our client base where everything stands at any given point in time.

We’ve seen first hand the impact Knudge can have on advisors, and our clients. We’re no longer losing sleep at night wondering what important actions we may have forgotten to remind our clients to take. Our clients have embraced Knudge and tell us that they also feel more organized. Knowing that all of these issues we’ve discussed live in one place has lifted a weight. They appreciate the automated reminders and feel more empowered to implement the plan we’ve put together.

We’re excited to help advisors and other professionals who are committed to helping their clients take action. If we can help you do your work better, and in turn help your clients have better outcomes then that would be pretty cool.

— Shaun & Dave

Shaun and Dave

As a small company we were looking for an efficient solution to follow up with our clients. When we found Knudge we knew this was exactly what we were looking for to keep us and our clients accountable on outstanding action items. Little did we know that our clients would be so responsive and follow through when consistently “nudged!”

Debra L. Noble, CFP®, Black Diamond Wealth Management

Why Now?

There’s mounting pressure on financial advisors to provide services that go beyond investment management.

We’ve seen firsthand the benefit of a holistic approach to financial management coupled with follow through support for our clients.

We believe our easy-to-use solution will empower firms to communicate in the modern era and become true accountability partners for their clients.