Experience Knudge from a Client’s Perspective


What is a nudge?

A nudge could be an update or task sent to you by your advisor.  If it requires action on your part, you will receive reminders via email, text, and/or push notifications to help you complete it.

Do I have to register or log in?

No, you can receive reminders via email or text notification without registering. You can reply to emails if you have any questions or adjust the reminder scheduling or mark a nudge complete from the email.

If you opt in to receive text notifications, you can click on the secure link in the text message to access the details and engage with the messaging or reminder scheduling interface for a specific nudge.

What are the benefits of registering and accessing my account?

It’s free for clients to register and access your account. If you do, you will have access to a shared to-do-list of outstanding tasks, a history of completed nudges, a calendar view, a record of all messages, and the ability to set your own preferences for when and how you’d like to receive communications.

I love the nudges. It keeps me on task. I have so much going at work, that I need the reminders. And if I don’t execute on the recommendations, the financial plan doesn’t work.

Karla P, Client

Knudge helps us get stuff done without our advisor having to personally nag us to do it.

Oliver H, Client

It’s awesome knowing everything we agreed to take action on is accounted for and in one place. We don’t have to stress about it all the time – we receive reminders when things come up. 

Clare C, Client
I love being able to specify when I want to receive a reminder about something. I can plan for a time when I’ll likely be able to take care of it.
Ben W, Client

I’m not sure why, but we’ve been much better at getting stuff done since we started receiving nudges about the things we know we want to do.  It really seems to be helping a lot…

Bill C, Client