We can do the best planning in the world, but if we can’t get our clients to take action, then what’s it all worth?

We built Knudge because we were spending a lot of time following up with our clients only to still have them not complete their assigned tasks. We knew we weren’t alone.

Knudge automates task management and helps your clients get things done.

Knudge automates task generation, notifications, and reminders, so nothing slips through the cracks.  Advisors using Knudge are experiencing task completion rates 4X the baseline.   Knudge helps advisors keep clients accountable, increasing their commitment to the plan and driving better outcomes.

Friction-free for clients, no registration required.

Knudge does have a great, free app that allows your clients to collaborate with you on shared to-do lists and customize their Knudge experience. But we know some clients don’t want to register for another tool, so clients can receive reminders, mark tasks complete, and communicate through Knudge via email and text (SEC and FINRA compliant).

Higher service levels at scale

Knudge takes the persistent, tedious client servicing work off of your team’s plate.  This allows everyone to focus on higher-value work, delighting customers, and growing your business 

See how Knudge can transform your firm’s client experience through our interactive tour

Slash time spent on administrative and client servicing tasks, boost client adherence, and improve outcomes. Knudge lets you go beyond the planning and sure all the doing gets done. See the Knudge platform in action and try our interactive tour.

Go beyond the planning and make sure all of the doing gets done.