You can use Knudge to manage all of your clients in the same way regardless of whether or not they register or install the Knudge app.

When you send a client a nudge, your client will get notifications and messages via their email by default and they may also opt in to text reminders. Let’s start with email.From their email, they will be able to message you about the nudge and mark the task complete.

To message you about this nudge, the client may simply reply to the email reminder. Their reply will become part of the message thread associated with the nudge, visible to both sender and recipients. You’ll receive an email with the message, and you’ll also see it in the nudge in the app.

The client may also mark the task complete from the email.

If the client clicks on the nudge title from the email, without logging in, they can still view the nudge details and messages in a similar view as someone who is registered with Knudge. They may send you a message about the nudge, and mark it complete. They may even snooze it by setting a reminder for themselves. Here you can see that they’ll see when the next notification is scheduled for as well.

Clients may also opt in to receive text message reminders. If you have a mobile phone number set for them, click on the Invite button to invite them to receive texts.They will get a text message that will enable them to opt in to SMS text reminders from Knudge.

Then when you start sending nudges, they’ll receive a text message with the reminder.

From the link in the text message, they will be able to open the nudge and view the nudge, similar to what we saw when they click on nudge title from the email.

For some clients, the email and text interaction with Knudge may be adequate. Often times, advisors choose this path for some clients because they don’t want to overwhelm them with too many new technologies at once.

Clients who register for Knudge will be able to access more features to help them manage their to-dos. They’ll have access to a shared to-do list with all their nudges in one place, a calendar view and the ability to set their own preferences for when and how they wish to receive communications.

Ultimately, you decide which clients should register with Knudge and which should not. You may also want to view a video that shows you the Knudge experience for registered clients.