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Knudge allows you to provide direction on more decisions that impact your clients’ financial wellbeing, yet spend just a fraction of the time servicing accounts. Learn why Knudge received the highest value and customer satisfaction for advice engagement in the Kitces 2023 Advisor Tech Study.

We can do the best planning in the world, but if we can’t get our clients to take action, what’s it all worth?

People often neglect to take action on the things the know are in their best interest to implement.  Knudge automates task generation, notifications, and reminders, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Less effort.  Less stress.  Better outcomes.

Effective.  Intuitive.  Risk-free.

The advisor tech stack is ever-expanding.  Each new tool promises fresh efficiencies, but too often the learning curves are so steep, those productivity gains are never realized.  Wasted time, wasted money.

Designed by advisors, for advisors, Knudge is incredibly effective, easy to learn, and fits seamlessly into your existing workflows – you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Spend less time mastering tools and more time with clients and growing your business.

Try Knudge risk-free. If we don’t transform your practice in 30 days, cancel for a full refund.

What our clients are saying…

What our clients are saying…

Knudge is, hands down, the best tool we use to serve our clients.  It’s become the cornerstone of our client communication.
Dan Rooker, CFP, CLSP, SLP Wealth
I’ve been loving Knudge! It’s changing the whole way I think about client engagement and my service calendar.
Tim Iseler, Isler Financial

When we found Knudge, we knew this was exactly what we were looking for to keep us and our clients accountable on outstanding action items.   Little did we know that our clients would be so responsive and follow through when consistently “nudged!”

Knudge has become invaluable in my practice.  I’m in the habit of setting up nudges after every client meeting. What a relief that reminders are going out without jamming up my CRM.
We’ve had a number of clients with action items they haven’t done for years.  After introducing Knudge, they are finally beginning to get those things done.
Marie, Financial Planner

We decided to not overthink it and used it with the next 13 clients that we met with and created nudges for the action items that came out of their meetings.  It just worked.  Even clients that have been notoriously negligent were completing their tasks.

Moving forward with a paid subscription was a no-brainer, but the Baker’s Dozen was a great way to test it out.

Dan Lauer, Lauer Financial
I could easily sell any advisor who is looking for an action item system on Knudge.
TJ van Gerven, CFP, Modern Wealth Builders

All praise Calendly and Knudge!!  Cassie and I have a client that we have been sending email after email, call after call, to try to schedule his next meeting with no success.

So we tried a new approach: Knudge with a Calendly link. Within a week the meeting was scheduled!!!

Michelle Harrison, Single Point Partners
Knudge helps us get stuff done without our advisor having to personally nag us to do it.
Oliver H., Client