Financial advisors use Knudge to automate their client follow up. The result? An increase in clients completing tasks while giving advisors time back in their week to focus on more strategic efforts.

Here is a recent client success story:

Who did Knudge help: A Managing Partner at an independent RIA with a team of 6 advisors and $1.5 B AUM

What was the critical issue: Advisor was spread thin to keep up with client items while finding new business. Worried items were slipping through the cracks for him and his entire team.

Reason for critical issue: Advisor did not have the bandwidth to keep up with all the open items. Used project management software and a CRM, but still needed to remember to reach out. Tasks within the CRM were clumsy.

Knudge capabilities: Knudge helps advisors who are committed to helping their clients take action on the things that may otherwise get ignored or kicked down the road.Advisors use Knudge to automatically remind clients to follow up with tasks. The result is an increase in clients taking action, while giving advisors time back

How Knudge solved the issue: Advisor loaded clients into the Knudge application and then set up the tasks both parties agreed on. During the process the advisor told his clients about Knudge (see template). Knudge then automatically reminded clients about open items until they were complete.

Result: Advisor got back more than five hours each week now that they do not worry about hounding clients. They also reported an increase in productive meetings. Advisors are able to dive into why a client may not have completed a task, rather than if they completed one.

Here’s a recent client testimonial:

“I’ve been using Knudge for a few months now. It’s (hands down) the best tool of 23 vendors I’m subscribed to, to serve clients. Before starting, I hoped that Knudge would help clients stay on top of their personal finance to-do’s, taking time off my plate and allowing me to offer a higher touch service than my peers.I’ve realized, now, that it’s so much more than that. I use the tool live on zoom calls to assign items on the call, allowing the client to pick when nudges will post / are due. During onboarding, Clients select (themselves) if they want to be notified by email or text, or both. Clients get to see their completed items over time, which helps “show value” without explicitly mentioning it in conversation. It’s awesome!”

– Dan Rooker, Rook Financial