All about nudges

In this tour we'll show you how to easy it is to create a nudge. We'll cover some details around: How to create a nudge How each of the fields in a nudge work Reminder scheduling & snoozing How to assign a nudge for multiple contacts at once How to use templates to [...]

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Nudges overview: Quick 2 minute overview

In this video we'll show you how to easy it is to create a nudge. We'll cover some details around: embedding urls in the nudge details adjusting the reminder scheduling setting the nudge (or task to be recurring) seeing when the reminders are scheduled to be sent and overriding the reminder algorithm [...]

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Show your work: Associate nudges assigned internally (or to other professionals) with clients or households

Clients aren't always aware of all the work you do on their behalf.  Knudge can help them better appreciate your efforts. Assign nudges to your teammates, to yourself, or to other professionals that you work alongside to service your clients. Associate those nudges with a client or household and, optionally, copy them [...]

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Use and manage templates and categories

Knudge comes with a library of templates that can be used as is or cloned and modified to meet your particular needs. Think of these as inspirational starting points for things that you may want to remind your clients to take action on throughout the year.Create your own custom templates or take any [...]

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How to schedule nudges

To schedule a nudge go to the post date. Select the post date for when you want a nudge to begin. Then go to reminder scheduling, and click on “send notification on post date”. This will schedule a nudge to be sent out on a specific date.

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Create a nudge and learn how reminders are scheduled

In this video we'll show you how to create a nudge and share some information for how reminders get scheduled. We'll look at the two different nudge types: tasks or action items you're asking your client to complete and informational nudges. We'll also show you how you can elect to send a notification when the nudge is posted, specify [...]

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