Many Advisors new to Knudge ask us whether they should send individual nudges for each task or group a bunch of tasks into one nudge. The fear is that setting up a bunch of individual nudges would cause their Clients to be “nudged” too many times, more times than the advisors typically contact their Clients.

Our research shows that people get more benefit from individual nudges. Discrete nudges make it easier for clients to manage their to-dos and allow them to mark individual ones complete. It’s a great way to give Clients a sense of accomplishment for completing a task. You and your Client can also have conversations about a specific nudge and organize them under one task. This makes it easier to find and reference later.

If that’s a big change for you, because you typically send one email with a long list of to-dos, we recommend taking some of the following steps.

  1. Let your Clients know that they’ll be getting more messages from you
  2. Stagger the due date for each of the nudges you set up, and this will mitigate Clients getting a bunch of reminders at once
  3. Keep doing the post-meeting summary of the next steps if that’s your standard process. Just use Knudge to send separate nudges for each to-do item. Your Clients will appreciate the reminders and checking them off one by one. You will save time by not having to send out reminders one by one.
  4. Even better, use your template library to create those nudges so you can use them again and again for multiple Clients.

Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you send individual nudges or group tasks into one nudge. You know your Clients best and what works for them. If grouping to-dos into quarterly nudges work better for you and your Client, then that is the best choice. If it’s sending five individual nudges every quarter, then that is the best choice. Whatever your process, Knudge will save you time and help your busy Clients take action.