We’re excited to offer Knudge for free, indefinitely, for up to 13 contacts (no credit card required).

The idea for Knudge was born out of a pressing need at our co-founder Shaun’s firm to find a repeatable way to manage their client’s action items. 

We know firsthand, that starting a new firm is not easy work, and running an existing business brings unique challenges:

  • New firms: When you first start a firm, every expense counts when revenue is not yet in the door. Embed Knudge in your process from day one and don’t worry about having to sign up for a paid subscription until you get your feet under you.
  • Established firms: There is never a perfect time to start a time boxed free trial and however long that free trial is, it’s usually not long enough. This new model allows you to sign up when you’re thinking of it and get around to using Knudge when you have the time. Invite as many colleagues as you want and test it out with a dozen clients or a handful of households at your leisure.

If you are interested in hearing more about why we created a free tier, listen to Shaun share some of his experience onboarding technology here.