Is Knudge available for use in other industries?

Knudge was founded by financial advisors for financial advisors.  We developed Knudge because we had an acute need for a better way to keep our clients on track. We learned that many others in our industry have the same need.   We also realized that Knudge could be useful in other industries as well.  We have [...]

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Is Knudge available for nonprofits?

Not only is it available, but it’s free. Organizations focused on financial literacy, pro-bono financial consulting and financial coaching are eligible to use Knudge free of charge. Please contact us at to see if Knudge could be a good fit for your organization.

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How does billing work?

There are two billing plans - Monthly or Yearly. You can start with the monthly plan and switch to the yearly option at any time for ~%20 discount as compared to the price when billed monthly. Your subscription is billed at the beginning of each period. If you cancel in the middle of a billing [...]

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How does the Baker’s Dozen free tier work?

We're excited to offer Knudge for free, indefinitely, for up to 13 contacts (no credit card required). The idea for Knudge was born out of a pressing need at our co-founder Shaun's firm to find a repeatable way to manage their client's action items.  We know firsthand, that starting a new firm is not easy [...]

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