How do I see what’s happening with my clients?

This is one of the biggest advantages of the Knudge app.  You can see, across all of your contacts, the most relevant action items and know at a glance which clients or contacts need extra attention at any given time.  You can also drill down into individual households or contacts to see their full to-do-list [...]

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Can I send the same nudge to many of my clients?

Yes. With Multi-select, you can send assign the same task to multiple clients/contacts at once. In addition you can also use multi-select to manage tags, mark a nudges complete or archive them, assign lead advisors or import contacts. In this video we’ll show you how to use multi-select to perform bulk actions. Use filters and [...]

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How do templates work?

Knudge comes with a library of templates preinstalled for your convenience.  These templates can be cloned and modified as needed. You can also create new templates and decide whether or not to share with other members of your firm.

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What happens when a client misses a deadline for an action item?

The Knudge app sends nudges.  When a deadline lapses the nudge persists in the client’s to-do list and is flagged in the advisors dashboard.  We think of nudges as gentle reminders intended to encourage positive behavior. We also think there’s a fine line between nudging and nagging.  We’ll be learning as we go and look [...]

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Do my clients have to install the app?

No, you can use Knudge to manage all of your clients in the same way regardless of whether or not they register or install the Knudge app.  Clients that use the app will have access to a shared to-do-list, a calendar view, a record of all messages related to a task, and the ability to [...]

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