Knudge integration with Wealthbox

Go beyond the planning and make sure all the doing gets done

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Wealthbox.  If you’re not already familiar, Wealthbox is a modern CRM for financial advisors known for its powerful yet simple user-experience for independent advisory firms of all sizes.

With this integration Wealthbox advisors can easily import their contacts into Knudge to avoid duplicate data entry. Contacts will stay linked and Knudge will push back notes to contact records when new nudges are posted or marked complete.

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“We’ve had a great experience working with Wealthbox to build out this integration” says Shaun Erickson, CFP® and Co-Founder of Knudge. He added, “Advisors on the Wealthbox platform can seamlessly connect their CRM to the Knudge app where they can create a list of tasks for their clients to take action. Knudge helps advisors stay organized and helps clients stay on top of their financial life calendar – all with minimal time and effort. We can do the best planning in the world but if we can’t get our clients to take action, then what’s it all worth?”

Ernie Lacroix, Director of Partnerships at Wealthbox

“Knudge’s unique and innovative approach to helping advisors follow up with clients by reminding them to follow through on tasks related to their financial planning goals is a fantastic fit in integrating with Wealthbox CRM for our mutual customers,” said Ernie Lacroix, Director of Partnerships. “We’re delighted to have Knudge join the ever-expanding Wealthbox community of leading wealth-tech vendors to help advisors help their clients.”

Watch the recorded webinar

Learn more about how our integration with Wealthbox can help you manage your clients’ action items. Watch the recorded webinar here.