Excerpt from article by Liz Fritz Chief Marketing Officer at F2 Strategy Consulting originally published in Forbes

Engage with the new Gen C (Generation Connected).

Engagement is particularly important in the digital age. It’s not just millennials that are plugged in. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a client who doesn’t have a smartphone. Technology may seem like a challenge to incorporate into your business now, but it’s a tool that can work to your advantage. Social media, a website and other online platforms can not only help you reach your clients — they can also show you what people think of your brand. No one should approach their company brand in a “set it and forget it” way. Brands need constant engagement and updates to reflect their clients’ needs.

High tech can be high touch.

Technology won’t take over your business. After all, wealth management is a relationship industry. You’re working with people and, just as importantly, you’re a person yourself. At the end of the day, your clients want someone they can identify with on a personal level. They want to connect with your passions and values. Maybe that’s seeing you as environmentally conscious, someone who can support their interests in sustainable investing. Or it could be seeing you as an active parent, someone who can identify with them as they plan for their children and legacy. The more you can connect with clients personally, the more you’ll be able to develop sticky client relationships. It may sound odd at first, but sharing your personal interests can be much more powerful than talking about your investment returns.

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