This great song by the Kinks was on an episode of Patriot (one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time – available on Amazon Prime).  And it hit home a bit too hard.  Anyone who’s ever started a business, I’m sure can sympathize.

Whether you’re starting a new venture, managing your established practice, or just (wink) providing planning services for 40 or 50 households, most of the time I’m sure you’re like me and have too much on your mind.

Add in end of the year planning, and prepping for the holidays and like the song says before you know it you “can’t sleep at night thinking about it”.

We know you have a lot of different technology solutions to consider for your practice, but if you’re considering Knudge, can I suggest you start here.

Start with the tool that can take some of that stuff off your mind. Put all your clients’ action items in Knudge and rest assured that they’ll be reminded to take action.

Give that same gift to your clients, and let them know everything they’re responsible for is organized in one place.

Get back whatever time you’re spending each week following up with your clients and open up more time to evaluate your next addition to your tech stack – and maybe sleep a bit better.