Nudge, nudge, wink, wink…

There’s too much on my mind

This great song by the Kinks was on an episode of Patriot (one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time – available on Amazon Prime).  And it hit home a bit too hard.  Anyone who’s ever started a business, I’m sure can sympathize.

Whether you’re starting a new venture, managing your established practice, or just (wink) providing planning services for 40 or 50 households, most of the time I’m sure you’re like me and have too much on your mind.

Add in end of the year planning, and prepping for the holidays and like the song says before you know it you “can’t sleep at night thinking about it”.

We know you have a lot of different technology solutions to consider for your practice, but if you’re considering Knudge, can I suggest you start here.

Start with the tool […]

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Wealth Management and Crypto

Have your clients begun to ask about crypto exposure, better known as digital assets?

There will be an entirely new asset class in the next five years ranging from cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Decentralized Finance tokens (DeFi), and possibly many more. How much do you know about crypto and the impact on the wealth management industry?

ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (ticker: BITO) became the first BitCoin ETF available in the United States this October. BITO is the beginning of a new wave of “crypto-based” ETFs. Please note we will use the term digital assets instead of cryptoassets. As more ETFs begin to emerge, it will be essential […]

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Dealing Procrastination a Body Blow

Long ago, I wrote my doctoral dissertation on procrastination. (I completed it in record time, too, thank you very much!) As you might imagine, I encountered a few logistical problems while studying procrastinators. After all, these were people with personality traits such as low conscientiousness and a tendency towards impulsivity. Just getting them to show up on time was a major challenge. Getting them to return calls and paperwork was a nightmare. Sound like the sort of thing you might encounter as a financial advisor?

But what started out for me as an incidental nuisance variable – dealing with the inherent unreliability of procrastinators – began to interest me more and more. And what came out of that experience is part of what informs our work at Knudge.

Here’s what emerged from […]

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How often are reminders sent?

Knudge has an advanced reminder algorithm that determines the optimal time to send reminders to clients. Advisors don’t need to worry about scheduling the reminders when they create action items for their clients, but it’s good to know how it all works.

If time allows, Knudge sends three reminders leading up to the due date.

If there is a long span of time between the posted date and the due date, the first reminder could go out as much as a month before the due date but it’s usually one or two weeks before the due date, the second and third reminders are sent closer to the due date.  You can also elect to send an additional notification when the nudge is posted by checking “Send notification on post date” when you create the nudge.

There are many factors that determine when reminders […]

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Dr. Moira Somers joins Knudge as our Behavioral Strategist

“What’s the point of technically proficient advice if the client won’t act on it?”

I “borrowed” this line from Dr. Moira Somers in Sept 2019 at the XYPN Live Conference Tech competition.  We presented and introduced Knudge to the financial planning community on the same day Dr. Somers was giving a keynote address at the conference.  Having been a massive fan of her book “Advice that Sticks”, I thought I could use a distraction from my nerves for my upcoming presentation so I sat in on her keynote.

That line she delivered perfectly summed up why Knudge was created.  So I used the exact line in our presentation (with full credit of course).

Fast forward two years later and I could not be more thrilled to announce that Dr. Somers is joining the Knudge team as our Behavioral Strategist.

You see, my […]

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