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How to Take the Dread Out of Your To-Do List

As a financial planner, we know that there are a lot of potential barriers to our clients taking the steps required to get (and keep) their financial lives in order

In this guest post, Emily Shull, a Certified Money Coach from Me, Myself and Money addresses some of the emotional barriers we all struggle with in making changes and provides us with tips on how to help address those.

It is part of our job as advisors to facilitate conversations around the emotional barriers Emily outlines below.  It’s also important for us to recognize that sometimes our clients just aren’t ready for all the changes we may want them to make, so we need to hear them and focus on the steps they are ready to take.

Once your clients have committed to making changes, […]

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Knudge now integrates with Redtail!

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Redtail. If you’re not already familiar, Redtail is a cost-effective, feature-rich, customizable, and highly automated CRM. It’s great to partner with another leader in the wealth management technology space.

With this integration Redtail users can easily import their contacts or link existing contacts to avoid duplicate data entry. Click the Redtail branded “Import contacts” button and all of your Redtail contacts will be available to import. Sort by name, email, time created and filter by Redtail contact category to select the right contacts to import. Basic biographical info, phone number, email addresses and household context are imported from Redtail with the click of a button. If a contact already exists in Knudge you can elect to link the matching contacts rather than overwrite the Knudge contact and you can sync […]

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Knudge partners with Wealthbox to help advisors manage their clients’ action items

Go beyond the planning and make sure all the doing gets done

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Wealthbox.  If you’re not already familiar, Wealthbox is a modern CRM for financial advisors known for its powerful yet simple user-experience for independent advisory firms of all sizes.

With this integration Wealthbox advisors can easily import their contacts into Knudge to avoid duplicate data entry. Contacts will stay linked and Knudge will push back notes to contact records when new nudges are posted or marked complete.

Sign up to the Wealthbox + Knudge webinar to learn more about this new integration.

“We’ve had a great experience working with Wealthbox to build out this integration” says Shaun Erickson, CFP® and Co-Founder of Knudge. He added, “Advisors on the Wealthbox platform can seamlessly connect their CRM to the Knudge app where […]

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Introducing See Lee

As we continue to work to get Knudge to market, we’re also working to ensure we deliver best in class customer support. I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to one of our newest team members, See Lee who will be leading our customer success efforts.

See is an accomplished Product Leader with experience at TripAdvisor and Catalant Technologies.  Importantly, she is also deeply familiar with financial services having worked for six years at Fidelity Investments including as the VP of User Experience Design.

I had the pleasure of working directly with See previously at Catalant, and I know first hand how committed she is to ensuring you and your clients get tremendous value from Knudge. When I asked her to develop our onboarding process, her response clearly showed a passion for creating customer-friendly products.  […]

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Product Update January 2020

We’re making great progress on the product and on building out our team.  Our plan is for a public release this spring.

What’s new with product development? The short answer is, a lot. Three specific milestones that we’re excited about:

  • You are now able to create and send recurring nudges. Nudges can be scheduled to automatically recur weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • You can now exchange messages with your clients right within the Knudge app. Messages from the app also send emails so no communication falls through the cracks.
  • You and your clients can see upcoming milestones and events at a glance with a shared financial life calendar.

We’re building Knudge for advisors who really care about their clients and we’re excited about the opportunity to help you with that effort.

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