At Knudge, we’re focused on changing behavior. We want to help your clients change their behavior and help them get things done to optimize for better outcomes.  But, to start, we need to help you change your behavior.

We get it. We know this type of change can be uncomfortable.

Here are some of the concerns that have come up in discussion with other advisors:

  • I have a ton of other more pressing things I need to do before I can devote time to Knudge.
  • I’m worried that my clients will receive more emails or text messages than they are accustomed to.
  • I’m concerned the reminders Knudge sends are less personal than the communications I’m accustomed to sending.
  • I’m worried that my clients won’t understand how to engage with the tool.
  • I have to figure out how to be proficient with Knudge before I can get comfortable using it with my clients.

“We decided to not overthink it and used it with the next 13 clients that we met with and created nudges for the action items that came out of their meetings.

It just worked.  Even clients that have been notoriously negligent were completing their tasks.

Moving forward with a paid subscription was a no-brainer, but the Baker’s Dozen was a great way to test it out.”

Dan Lauer, Lauer Financial

These are all reasonable concerns.  Now that we’ve identified some of the potential issues, let’s talk a bit about how we can hopefully put your mind at ease.

Here are some answers to these concerns:

  • You’ve onboarded a bunch of different technologies in the past to help you manage your business and it makes sense that you’d expect Knudge to require the same time investment as the rest. Knudge is not like the rest. You can add Knudge to your process over a period of time as it makes sense. Getting your clients imported takes minutes. Creating a nudge takes seconds. (Watch a quick video)
  • Your clients want you to hold them accountable, they’re actually paying you to help them.
  • It’s true that by their nature automated reminders are going to feel less personal than direct outreach.  That’s why we advocate for pre-wiring your clients to let them know you’re using this tool to help you help them
  • After they understand why you’re using Knudge and what to expect, it’s OK that the reminders are automated. They get it.
  • Besides, there’s nothing stopping you from additional personal outreach. We’re not a chatbot trying to replace client/advisor communication. Knudge just allows you to be selective about when and with whom you spend your time.
  • If your clients can open an email or receive a text they’ll be able to engage with Knudge. They don’t need to register or install an app to receive reminders, to ask follow up questions, to silence additional reminders, to specify a time to be reminded or to mark a task complete.
  • We’ve tried our best to create an app that’s easy to use.  There are a few key things that will add some clarity, but ten or fifteen minutes with our help videos should get you up to speed. Or, feel free to sit in on a demo to learn how it all works in person.

You’ve found your way all the way to this part of the article, so hopefully you’re getting closer to being ready to make a change.

Here are some immediate and longer term benefits of using Knudge:

  • Knudge helps you stay organized. All of the action items for all of your clients live in one place.
  • Knudge saves you time.  You’ll still want to follow up with your clients at times via phone call or whatever, but Knudge will save you 80% of the time you’re currently spending trying to chase clients down to take action.
  • Knudge strengthens your relationships with your clients.  Also, advisors tell us that their review meetings with their clients are less stressful and more productive. Save your clients from having to share a status update. Instead of starting your meetings by asking did you complete X,Y or Z? You can instead say, I see you got X and Y completed but haven’t yet actioned Z. Is Z still important or should we re-prioritize? Focus your direct communication with your clients on the more strategic conversations and let Knudge take care of the minutia.
  • Knudge reminds your clients of the value you add. Your clients can see a persistent reminder of everything you’ve worked on together.
  • Your clients will get more done.  They won’t get everything done. Some may still get nothing done – but those clients likely aren’t getting their shit done now either (only maybe you’re spending plenty of time asking them to). But in general more stuff will get done.

We understand. Change is hard. But don’t overthink it. Try it out with the next few clients you meet with and see how it goes.

We’re here to help any way we can.  Contact us at if you ever need anything.