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How to schedule nudges

To schedule a nudge go to the post date. Select the post date for when you want a nudge to begin. Then go to reminder scheduling, and click on “send notification on post date”. This will schedule a nudge to be sent out on a specific date.

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How contacts can update their communication preferences

Knudge is designed to match the communication preference for each individual client. A client will receive an email from you to use Knudge (see adding contact). Once they register for Knudge they can select preferences> “notifications> notification channels. From here, clients can select how they want to receive notifications either through the app, [...]

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Group your contacts into households

Using households allows you to create 1 nudge and send it to multiple people in the household at once. It also creates transparency and shared accountability between members of a household. Some households may even have friendly competitions on who completes the most tasks! When a nudge or notification is addressed to [...]

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